The same day.

I came up here alone, for I am very sad.  There was no letter for me.  I hope there cannot be anything the matter with Jonathan.

The clock has just struck nine.  I see the lights scattered all over the town, sometimes in rows where the streets are, and sometimes singly.

They run right up the Esk and die away in the curve of the valley.

To my left the view is cut off by a black line of roof of the old house next to the abbey.  The sheep and lambs are bleating in the fields away behind me, and there is a clatter of donkeys' hoofs up the paved road below.

The band on the pier is playing a harsh waltz in good time, and further along the quay there is a Salvation Army meeting in a back street.

Neither of the bands hears the other, but up here I hear and see them both.  I wonder where Jonathan is and if he is thinking of me!

I wish he were here.